Marty’s Center

Marty's Center

Marty's Center is designed for children with hearing-impairments, cochlear implants, and speech/language impairments in a comprehensive inclusive program with regular education children. Housed at Brainerd UMC, we have a unique program and a caring environment for children ages 18 months through 6 years with a curriculum that aligns with the Tennessee Early Childhood Early Development Standards. 

The mission of Marty's Center is to teach children with hearing impairments and/or speech and language impairments to be able to communicate effectively using parents' choice of methodology and communication mode. Children with hearing losses using appropriate amplification are given access to spoken and visual language through strong speech, language, and auditory training focusing on individual needs, family concerns and involvement. Services are individualized to meet each child's unique needs and goals. 

The goal of Marty's Center is to have each and every hearing-impaired, speech and language-impaired and typical child on the age level primarily in the area of speech and language skills when they leave the program and enter their home zone school when they are ready for Kindergarten. Marty's Center is a unique and high-quality educational setting for children with hearing impairments, speech and language impairments, and typical children. Marty's Center is dedicated to development of listening, speech, language, literacy, and communication so that children can function competitively within the community. Hearing-impaired children require constant auditory, speech, and language stimulation during all waking hours in order to be able to communicate effectively.