The UMW at Brainerd is where you need to be!

There are many reasons to be a part of the UMW at Brainerd Church.  Not only do the women participate in many Outreach and Mission programs, they also enjoy fellowship and learning opportunities with Circle Meetings, UMW Book Club, and service days.

To learn more about the UWM or to join one of these programs, please contact Becky Kinser or Louretta Hayworth.

Mission projects in past years included simple dresses for summer and warm hats.

These beautiful young ladies were so excited to receive their new dresses that they put them on over their school uniforms.  The New Horizon Methodist School, which has about 650 students, is located a little south of Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay.  Almost all the residents in this area are very, very poor.  The school relies on donations from the states and sponsorships to ensure the students have clothing, supplies and food.